Purchase Orders

For our customers who belong to Corporate, Government, Educational, or Charitable organizations, if you have a Purchase Order system and would like to order with a PO, we can arrange to set your organization up on NET terms (Net15 or Net30). Depending on the terms of your account, payment is due 15 or 30 days AFTER the product has been delivered. If this payment option is something you're interested in, please follow this process:

1. Please call our toll-free number at (866) 566-7224. We will gladly discuss your needs, process your order over the phone, and set you up on NET terms If you wish to assign a PO number to the order, please inform us at this point so we can include it in the following step. 

2. We will email you a quotation (referencing your PO #). Please fax your Purchase Order with an authorized signature on an organizational letterhead to 267-295-8009. Please include the line items from the quote on your faxed PO.

3. As soon as we receive the fax, we will email you an order confirmation and begin processing your order. 

4. Upon shipment, the tracking number, as well as the invoice, will be emailed to you. 

5. Within the specified period of days (15 or 30) after receipt of shipment, please remit payment to:


PromoFrames LLC
1113 Tower Rd
Schaumburg, IL 60173