Tailored Services

At Promoframes, we believe personal touch makes us different than anyone in the industry.  This applies not only to our custom products through product development and custom imprinting, but also through custom services we have provided in the past; are currently providing; and plan on providing in the future - some of which are yet to be defined (but will be driven by our customers' needs).  Some of these include, but not limited to:

Blind-shipping -> Through our reseller program, we offer blind-shipping for our customers, which is mostly utilized by our reseller partners.  We ship to our resller partners' customers' addresses, but the "from" address shows our reseller partners' addresses.

Multi-site shipment -> Some of the customers have multiple locations of operation, but with a central location for ordering, accounting, etc.  For these customers, we are able to ship to different locations at different times, based on each location's needs.  We even keep pre-made products on our shleves for some customers for fast turn-around time.

Address and postage printing -> We have the capability to print "from address", and "to address" required to mail multiple cards, frames and other paper goods which will fit (up to) within 11" x 6" envelope.  You can also choose to add postage.  We can then ship all of the paper products back to you, or deliver for you via USPS.  For larger size products, we have the capability to do the same using labels which can be placed on larger envelopes.  For this service, we ask for a CSV file with the necessary addresses filled out, along with the order.

Photo development, insertion and printing -> For some of the products, we offer printing and insertion of photos into frames or printing of your picture onto the paper products such as greeting cards or story books.  Please note that photo printing onto a product requires additional time to generate and this information can be found in pages of products which offer this service.

Fastest shipping possible -> If you are in a rush, we are too.  We often drop off packages to local UPS offices after our daily pick up, to ensure your shipment is not delayed any more than it has to.  Please refer to the Shipping and Returns page for additional information.